About Me

It was during my trip in Latin America that I discovered this magical practice. Months later, I decided to step foot in a yoga studio, unrolled my mat, and I left speechless. A truly unforgettable discovery! Since then, this wonder is part of my routine, a passion that never stops growing, a passion that pushes me to the best of myself. My goal is to bring on board as many adventurers as possible to make them discover the secret behind the unity of the body and soul. Quite a unique trip!

Looking forward to going on an adventure with you!


Brigitte Ion
Student & Yoga Teacher


-500 hours Moksha Yoga Certificate

-100 hours Moksha Yoga Flow Certificate 

Little Lotus Kids Yoga Certificate

-40 hours Happy Tree Yoga Yin Certificate

-Member of the Yoga Alliance

Lolë and Bmat Ambassadress


-CPR Training



The greatest traveler is not the one who has made 10 trips around the world, but the one who did it once around himself.”

– Mahatma Ghandi